Children of the Tides

Sonoma County

Each region has its niche

Fruit for our wines is sourced from regions and vineyards known to consistently produce the highest quality for that varietal.  Most winemakers will tell you that great wine is made in the vineyard; the role of the winemaker is not to ruin what the vineyard has provided. Terroir, or the expression of place, is of extreme importance in the wines we produce. What we  seek  are the extraordinary qualities of in each vineyard which can be sculpted into something entirely unique 

At CF Wines we strive to demonstrate how skill, obsession with quality and the expression of place are the most valuable tools in wine makinge. In the end, it is the "art" of wine making that enables each wine to become more than the sum of its parts

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What's old is new...again

Whether used to increase production, improve quality or create uniformity between vintages, technology is prevalent in modern winemaking. Technology, however, can be as much a boon as a benefit. Winemaking is as much art as it is science, and the over dependence on technology can strip much of the "art" that makes a wine unique. For this reason many wineries are marrying modern wine making innovations with traditional techniques, some of them centuries old. These new, old world wines are often more reflective of the vintage, growing region and skill of the winemaker. 

More than the sum of its parts


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