There is extreme vineyard terrain, and then there is Alder Springs. Located 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean in the town of Laytonville, this wild and rugged 140 acre vineyard is surrounded by vast, untamed redwood forest. Elevations vary from 1700 to 2700 feet, and the slightest incline is 25%.

Stuart Bewley broke ground on Alder Springs in 1993, planting his first vineyard plot. Stuart’s knowledge of viticulture is unparalleled, and Alder Springs is his oenological laboratory. Always the perfectionist, Stuart has developed a bonsai approach to vineyard management, spending 2+ hours training each individual vine in the course of the growing season. 2/3 of the fruit is dropped from each vine, resulting in paltry, highly concentrated yields.

Fruit from Alder Springs are some of the most highly sought after in California, and Stuart’s client list reads like a who’s who in cult California wineries​

AVA: Mendocino

Soil Type: Decomposed Sandstone, Clay and ​Gravely Loam

Terrain: Steep hillside to 2700 feet

Grenache Clone: Alban 1 & 2, 362

Fruit Profile:  Moderate color depth. Exceptionally small cluster and berry size. Intensely floral red berry. Early phenolic development 

Year Planted: 1993

Plot size: 1 acre

Vineyard Management: Alder Springs .


Considered by many to be one of the best vineyards, in one of the best locations, in all of California. Dr Jan Krupp broke ground on Stagecoach Vineyard 1995 and it took over 7 years to clear the billion pounds of rock required to prepare the site for planting.

This location is ideal for Grenache. A strong marine influence and persistent breeze flowing up from the valley floor moderates temperatures and allows for the development of optimal phenolic ripeness prior to harvest.

Immediate neighbors to this vineyard include the likes of Brand, Bryant, Colgin, Continuum and Ovid. 

AVA: Prichard Hill 

Soil Type: Red volcanic soils. Primarily Hambright complex with small amount of Guenoc-Rock outcrop complex

Terrain: 1200 to 1800 feet, steep hillside, southwest facing with moderate mid-day temperatures due to marine influence

Grenache Clone: Alban 2

Fruit Profile: The red volcanic soils, unique climate and high elevation of this vineyard produce ripe, dark fruit with a bold profile and heavy concentration.  

Year Planted: 2014

Plot size: 1.5 acre

Vineyard Management: Stagecoach.

Alder Springs

Mike and Theresa Mansfield's meticulously farmed Bennett Valley Jemrose vineyard is the source for dozens of 90 to 95 point wines from the likes of Carlisle, Orin Swift, Pride and Riverain. Primarily known for Syrah and Viognier, there is also a tiny, cordon pruned plot of Grenache planted to the Tablas A clone. Perched at the top of a southward facing slope and at the highest point in this vineyard, this Grenache plot is literally littered with obsidian. The well drained, mountain benchland soils of this certified sustainable vineyard combined with the cool climate of Bennett Valley and steep terrain result in an exceptionally long growing season with small berries and very low yields.

Long ago established as a premier location for ultra-premium Syrah in California, this stunningly beautiful vineyard is ideally suited to Grenache. We are incredibly fortunate to have gained access to the Jemrose vineyard and to be working with Mike and Theresa Mansfield starting with the 2016 vintage.

AVA: Bennett Valley

Soil Type: Mountain Benchland composed of volcanic debris, loam, and alluvium

Terrain: Plateau with moderates to steep incline

Grenache Clone: Tablas A

Fruit Profile: Dense, dark fruit. Highly concentrated with moderate sized clusters. 

Year Planted: 2000

Plot size: 1.8 acre

Vineyard Management: Bacchus .


Annadel Gap

CF Wines
Chronister Family Wines

Formerly the site a dairy farm, this biodynamically farmed vineyard is located in a valley between two prominent mountain ranges, and is directly adjacent to the Annadel State park. The cooling influence of the Pacific funneled through this narrow valley create the ideal growing conditions for Grenache, allowing for longer hand times and optimal flavor development.

 Cultivated with the intent of leveraging a partnership with nature rather than traditional, inorganic farming practices, walking this vineyard is like stepping through a unique, carefully balanced ecosystem. We cannot argue with the results 

AVA: Sonoma Valley 

Soil Type: Yolo Silt Loam, Manzanita Gravelly Silt Loam, Arbuckel Gravelly loam, Yorkville Clay Loam   

Terrain: Rolling from 410 to 530 feet 

Grenache Clone: Tablas A, Tablas D

Fruit Profile: Small clusters. Dark berry character, with wet stone and cigar box. Longer hang time lends to optimal phenolic development 
Year Planted: 2000 to 2009

Plot size: 2/3 acre

Vineyard Management: Annadel Gap